Poster Schedule

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Session Times

Session 1 – Tuesday, June 21, 11:15 – 12:15
Session 2 – Tuesday, June 21, 13:50 – 14:50
Session 3 – Wednesday, June 22, 11:30 – 12:30
Session 4 – Wednesday, June 22, 14:00 – 15:00
Session 5 – Thursday, June 23, 11:10 – 12:10
Session 6 – Thursday, June 23, 13:50 – 14:50

All times are Eastern (eg Germany +6, UK +5, Halifax +1, West Coast US -3, Hawaii -6)

Presenter Sessions GROUP Poster Title
Olivia Ahern 1 and 4 Group A Marine Connectivity Project: Trophic Cascades through RNA Stable Isotope Probing
Mohammad Amirian Matlob 1 and 4 Group A Quantify the Cell Memory and Its Influence on Phytoplankton Resource Competition
Brian Beardsall 1 and 4 Group A Effects of Ship Traffic on Marine Microbial Community Composition
Suchandan Bemal 1 and 4 Group A A comparative study on growth and elemental composition of two Synechococcus strains under different N-resources
Stephen Blaskowski 1 and 4 Group A Multi-way Clustering of Prochlorococcus and Synechococcus Community Gene Expression via Sparse Tensor Decomposition
Robert Brewin 1 and 3 Group G An Unconventional Investigation into the Seasonal Dynamics of Phytoplankton in the Nearshore (Plymouth, UK)
Tansy Burns 1 and 5 Group B Simons CMAP: Overview and Updates
John Casey 1 and 5 Group B Redox-selective remineralization decouples net community oxygen production from carbon export
Timothy Coleman 1 and 5 Group B Flexible Probabilistic Gating of Continuous Flow Cytometry Data
Barbara Duckworth  1 and 5 Group B Dar_One: a sandbox environment for the Darwin Model
Stephanie Dutkiewicz 1 and 5 Group B Nutrient and temperature control of phytoplankton growth rates: Implications for a warmer ocean
Vinitha Ebenezer 1 and 5 Group B Macromolecule composition and elemental ratio under phosphate starvation in the photosynthetic picoeukaryote Chloroparvula pacifica
Tobias Friedrich
3 and 6 Group C An 11-year physical/biogeochemical hindcast for Hawai’i
Sangwon Hyun 3 and 6 Group C Predicting microbial compositions from many research cruises
Jonathan Izett 3 and 6 Group C Can BGC Variables Be Treated as Passive Tracers in 4D-Var Data Assimilation?
Tom Jackson 3 and 5 Group F A generalised algorithmic pipeline for the generation and application of optical water type clusters across a range of optical environments
Jasen Jacobsen 3 and 6 Group C Drivers of Primary Production within Internal Tide Beams
Bror Jönsson 4 and 6 Group H Depth resolved Export Production from Satellite Derived Products using Random Forest Regression
Ari Krinos 3 and 6 Group C Exploring the ecology of marine cryptophytes with metatranscriptomics
Gemma Kulk 2 and 6 Group D Uncertainty Estimates For Satellite-based Computations Of Marine Primary Production
Paul Mattern 2 and 6 Group D Can we estimate the size of phytoplankton in the California Current System?
Jesse McNichol 2 and 6 Group D Full-Community Metabarcoding: An Ecosystem Map
Yubin Raut 2 and 6 Group D A novel intercomparison of major phytoplankton functional types from trait-based marine ecosystem model with exact amplicon sequence variants
Francois Ribalet 2 and 6 Group D Nutrient and temperature control of Prochlorococcus growth rates : theory and observations
Nuwanthi Samarasinghe 2 and 4 Group E Growth rate & elemental ratios of smaller diatoms
Enrico Ser-Giacomi 2 and 4 Group E Dilution-driven heterogeneity enhances plankton productivity in Lagrangian ecosystems
Camila Serra Pompeii 3 and 5 Group F Assessing the performance of backscattering-based phytoplankton carbon algorithms
Ioannis Tsakalakis 2 and 4 Group E Storage as a competitive trait in a chemostat model
Sing-how Tuo 2 and 4 Group E C:N:P and macromolecular composition in Crocosphaera: small vs. large cells under N-free condition
Zhen Wu 2 and 4 Group E An individual-based model of macromolecular allocation in phytoplankton
Chris Follett 2 and 6 Group D Prochlorococcus, Size, Predictability, and Other Things I’m Thinking About
Gaël Forget 3 and 5 Group F Lagrangian Aquacosm Simulations and Observations
J. Scott McCain 3 and 5 Group F Antioxidant Contributions to Phytoplankton Trace-metal Stoichiometry
Crispin Mutshinda 3 and 5 Group F Spatio-temporal trends in diatom and dinoflagellate biomasses and biomass ratios across the North Atlantic Ocean
Anne-Willem Omta 2 and 4 Group E Trophic dynamics: the impact of a static vs dynamic nutrient pool
Yi-chun (Liv) Yeh 3 and 5 Group F Effects of phytoplankton, viral communities and El Niño warming on free-living and particle-associated marine prokaryotic community structure
Delaney Nolin/ Jed Fuhrman on behalf of J.L. Weissman 3 and 5 Group F Predicting Maximum Growth Rates from the Genomes and Metagenomes for Prokaryotes and Eukaryotes