All-Hands Poster Meeting F.A.Q.s


Q. What format should my poster be in?

Q. What is the maximum size for my poster?
A. <10 MB

Q. My poster is bigger than 10 MB. What should I do?
A. Shrink it 🙂 On a Mac use the built-in Preview app.  Windows: seek a third-party tool. (

Q. Where can I find the CBIOMES logo?

Q. I want to give a microtalk but I’m not sure what I can say in just 5 minutes?
A. How about something like this?
(Briefly) introduce yourself (your name, the group you work in, and what you are working on – noting names of others you collaborate with (1 slide), then, share 2 to 4 slides highlighting eg pertinent model output; perhaps a graph or system of equations; schematics or lab results, while describing the contents of each slide and discussing what they show.

You are welcome (and encouraged) to submit a brief abstract (along with any supporting references or other pertinent links) that can be uploaded to accompany your talk via the title submission form.

Q. How do I make a screen recording?
A. There are lots of tools out there to do this. If you have an i-phone it comes with screen recording capability and can very easily be used to record a narrated slide show (also You can also use QuickTime on your (PC or Mac) desktop.

1. Under <File> select <New Screen Recording>

2. In the Screen Recording dialogue click to the right of the red button to select the microphone you wish to use.

3. Follow onscreen instructions to begin recording.

You could also simply record your screenshare using Zoom.

Q. How long should my video be?
A. 5 minutes. If it is longer than that we reserve the right to only upload the first five minutes – sorry 😉

Q. What format should my video be in?
A. .mov or .mp4 please

Q. Is there a file-size restriction for video?
A. No.

Q. How do I send you my presentation?
A. Please upload your file to the folder with your name under this directory: