Data Assimilative Modeling of Marine Ecosystems

Chris Edwards
University of California, Santa Cruz

Marine ecosystem models generally combine numerical representations of basic processes like biological production and consumption with ocean circulation to simulate complex dynamics, usually governing photosynthesizers, their grazers and the inorganic nutrients required for their growth. These models are necessary simplifications of nature, and accurate marine ecosystem simulation is subject to many unavoidable errors, including in processes, organisms and in conditions used to initialize simulations.

This project focuses on methods that are used to rigorously constrain marine ecosystem models with observations of the natural system to better approximate the natural system. Specifically, we are focusing on four-dimensional variational and ensemble Kalman filter approaches, two methods that are commonly used in physical oceanography and numerical weather prediction.

Using these, we hope to produce accurate estimates of concentrations and fluxes that are critical to marine ecosystem dynamics in the California Current System and the ocean surrounding the Hawaiian Islands where observational programs can supply information to evaluate model output and benefit from model-produced estimates of fields that are difficult to measure directly.

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Jann Paul Mattern, Kristof Glauninger, Gregory L. Britten, John R. Casey, Sangwon Hyun, Zhen Wu, E. Virginia Armbrust, Zaid Harchaoui, Francois Ribalet (2022), A Bayesian approach to modeling phytoplankton population...

March 2022 CBIOMES e-meeting Jasen Jacobsen (UCSC)

“Biological response to M2 internal tides generated at mid-ocean ridges” Please note access to this page is restricted to CBIOMES associates. (more…)

February 2022 CBIOMES All Hands Poster Meeting

A big THANK-YOU to everyone who presented at the February e-meeting!  (more…)

CBIOMES Welcomes Guangpeng Liu

by Helen Hill for CBIOMES A warm CBIOMES-welcome to Guangpeng Liu who joins the UCSC group to work with Brian Powell. (more…)

Recordings and microtalks from the Edwards Group. Please note access to this page is restricted to CBIOMES associates. (more…)

April 2021 CBIOMES e-meeting Paul Mattern (UCSC)

"The journey of a Bayesian matrix population model for Prochlorococcus" Please note access to this page is restricted to CBIOMES associates. (more…)

December 2020 CBIOMES (Poster) e-Meeting

To provide an opportunity to "pick up the conversation" and chat with colleagues about where work had gone since our Annual Meeting in June, the December gathering was an all-hands...

2020 Joint Simons Marine Collaborations Meeting

Please note access to this page is restricted to CBIOMES associates only. Besides CBIOMES, the Simons Foundation supports three other marine collaborations: BIOS-SCOPE, PriME, and SCOPE. A joint meeting, October...

CBIOMES Welcomes Jonathan Izett

A warm welcome to Jonathan Izett, a postdoc working in Chris Edwards’ UCSC CBIOMES Group. (more…)

September 2020 CBIOMES e-meeting – Brian Powell (UH)

"High-Resolution ROMS/Darwin around Hawai‘i" Please note access to this page is restricted to CBIOMES associates. (more…)

The Edwards Group goes to Annual Meeting

The UCSC-CBIOMES group is helping bring data and models together using data assimilation. In this video, PI Chris Edwards presents an overview of their progress and advertises UH and UCSC...

CBIOMES Goes to Ocean Sciences 2020

Look out for members of the CBIOMES team, sharing their work at this year’s Ocean Sciences conference taking place February 16-21 in San Diego, California. (more…)


Jann Paul Mattern, Christopher A. Edwards, Christopher N. Hill (2019), Dual number-based variational data assimilation: Constructing exact tangent linear and adjoint code from nonlinear model evaluations, PLoS One, doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0223131 Get the PDF [Requires...

CBIOMES Welcomes Jasen Jacobsen

A warm welcome to Jasen Jacobsen, a graduate student working in Chris Edwards' UCSC CBIOMES Group. (more…)

A simple finite difference‐based approximation for biogeochemical tangent linear and adjoint models

by Helen Hill for CBIOMES CBIOMES investigators Paul Mattern and Chris Edwards present a technique that accurately approximates tangent linear and adjoint models for data assimilation applications based only on evaluations of...

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