The Simons Collaboration on Computational Biogeochemical Modeling of Marine Ecosystems (CBIOMES) seeks to develop and apply quantitative models of the structure and function of marine microbial communities at seasonal and basin scales.

April 2021 CBIOMES e-meeting Paul Mattern (UCSC)

"The journey of a Bayesian matrix population model for Prochlorococcus" Please note access to this page is restricted to CBIOMES associates. (more…)

April 2021 CBIOMES e-meeting Stephen Blaskowski (UW)

“Development of a tensor decomposition-based gene clustering method: application to Prochlorococcus and Synechococcus community transcription data in the North Pacific” Please note access to this page is restricted to CBIOMES...

Simons Postdoctoral Fellows in Marine Microbial Ecology Request for Applications

The Simons Foundation is now accepting applications for postdoctoral fellowships to support basic research on fundamental problems in marine microbial ecology, with an emphasis on understanding the role of microorganisms in shaping...