The Simons Collaboration on Computational Biogeochemical Modeling of Marine Ecosystems (CBIOMES) seeks to develop and apply quantitative models of the structure and function of marine microbial communities at seasonal and basin scales.

Sea Life You Can’t See: CBIOMES contributes to SF anniversary volume

Look for CBIOMES-flavored eye-candy in a new book celebrating the Simons Foundation's first 25 years supporting discovery-driven science. (more…)

Seeding Oceans With Iron May Not Impact Climate Change

Study involving members of MIT-CBIOMES finds Earth’s oceans contain just the right amount of iron; adding more may not improve their ability to absorb carbon dioxide. (more…)

Marine Microbial Musings

CBIOMES Investigator Joe Vallino Speaks to the Future Tech Health Podcast Team about marine microorganisms, ocean chemistry, and thermodynamics (more…)