In Press

Dutkiewicz, S., A.E. Hickman, O. Jahn, E. Moneir, S. Henson, and C. Beaulieu. Ocean colour signature of climate change. In revision for Nature Communications


Inomura, K., J. Bragg, L. Riemann, and M.J. Follows, A mechanistic model of nitrogen fixation in the presence of ammonium. Submitted to PLoS Computational Biology.

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In Review

Salgado-Hernanz, P.M., Racault, M.-F., Font-Muñoz, J.S., Basterretxea, G., Trends in phytoplankton phenology in the Mediterranean Sea based on ocean-colour remote sensing, Remote Sensing of Environment (in review.)



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Vallino, J.J. and J.A. Huber (2018),  Using maximum entropy production to describe microbial biogeochemistry over time and space in a meromictic pond. Submitted to Frontiers in Environmental Science, doi: 10.3389/fenvs.2018.00100

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