Stephanie Dutkiewicz

Stephanie Dutkiewicz, PhD

Dr Stephanie Dutkiewicz is a Senior Research Scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She received a BSc (physics) from University of Miami and a PhD (oceanography) from the University of Rhode Island. Her research interests lie at the intersection of the marine ecosystem and the physical and biogeochemical environment. She is involved in developing and using complex computer models of the physical, chemical and ecosystems of the ocean. These models synthesise the knowledge gained from satellite, field and laboratory observations.

Much of Dr Dutkiewicz’s recent work has been in understanding the patterns of, and controls on the diversity of phytoplankton. This has led model development to include the representation of diverse phytoplankton communities. She uses theoretical frameworks along with the model output to gain understanding of the controls on phytoplankton biogeography and coexistence between competing species. Additionally she is interested in understanding how phytoplankton communities might change in a warming world, as part of her affiliation with the MIT Center for Global Change Science.

Project: Models of Marine Microbial Biogeography and Biogeochemistry

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