CBIOMES Welcomes Sangwon (Justin) Hyun

A warm welcome to incoming postdoc Sangwon (Justin) Hyun in  Jacob Bien’s USC CBIOMES Group.

by Helen Hill for CBIOMES

With research interests in selective inference, changepoint detection, high-dimensional statistics, epidemiological forecasting, and ocean microbiome data analysis, Sangwon joins Jacob to work on statistical modeling of ocean microbiomes — with a focus on time series and network analysis.

Sangwon holds a PhD in Statistics from Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) where his thesis research concerned selective inference and changepoint detection with biological applications working with advisors Ryan Tibshirani and Max G’Sell. He has also worked on epidemiological forecasting, as part of the DELPHI group at CMU with Tibshirani.

Sangwon became interested in statistics as an undergraduate at the University of Michigan where he says he enjoyed working at the university’s statistical consulting center, and where he also came to find that he was liking his statistics classes more than his math classes. “Once I realized these interests, graduate school in statistics was a natural choice for me,” says Sangwon. “Both in college and in graduate school, I was blessed to find wonderful mentors who provided guidance and encouraged my studies.”

Story image: In his spare time Sangwon enjoys reading, in particular about anthropology, history, and technology. He also enjoys playing sports “involving bouncy spheres”, and bikes and runs whenever he can – image courtesy: S. Hyun.

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