CBIOMES Welcomes Sarah Laperriere

by Helen Hill for CBIOMES

A warm welcome to postdoc Sarah Laperriere who joins Jed Fuhrman’s USC CBIOMES Group this month.

Although she and Jed have yet to settle on a specific project, Sarah interests lie in understanding how microbe-microbe and microbe-environment interactions in the marine environment influence rates of biogeochemical processes and the distribution of nutrients.

Sarah, who has an undergraduate degree in math, recently finished her PhD at the University of California, Santa Barbara working with Alyson Santoro, where her dissertation research focused on understanding the controls on ammonia oxidation and nitrous oxide production in coastal systems and the use of microbes as indicators of stream health (Laperriere, S. M. et al., 2019). She says she got her start in this field in a lab as an undergraduate in the Marine Biological Laboratory (MBL) in Woods Hole, MA.

Story image:  In her downtime, Sarah says she enjoys yoga and cooking.

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