CBIOMES Welcomes Jonathan Izett

A warm welcome to Jonathan Izett, a postdoc working in Chris Edwards’ UCSC CBIOMES Group.

With a background in physical oceanography and atmospheric science, Jonathan is interested in the interactions between different components of the earth system and, in particular, how the physical dynamics influence biological processes. As an example, he says, previous research has included looking at the transport of freshwater and nutrients within river plumes.

Within CBIOMES Jonathan says he will be beginning by implementing and evaluating a novel data-assimilation technique — a reduced state-space approach — which, if successful, would be relatively straightforward to adapt to a wide variety of biogeochemical models. “Although this activity will be performed within the California Current System,” he explains, “it is general and could apply equally well to other regions or to global simulations.”

Jonathan holds a BSc (ocean-atmosphere dynamics) from the University of Victoria (2014) and an MSc (oceanography) from Dalhousie University (2016).  He completed his PhD in September 2020 at the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands.


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