Shubha Sathyendranath Awarded 2021 Huntsman Medal

Warm congratulations to PML CBIOMES PI on news of her recent award.

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Friday, November 26

Ceremony      10:00 am Atlantic Standard Time
Lecture             11:00 am Atlantic Standard Time

Shubha Sathyendranath presents:

“On the Colour of Oceans and Freshwater Bodies: Why Does it Change, and Why Does it Matter?”



The A.G. Huntsman Foundation has announced that the 2021 A.G. Huntsman Medal will be awarded to Shubha Sathyendranath in recognition of her outstanding research achievements in the development of the use of optics and satellites in marine science as well as her dedication to developing international cooperation and capacity building in oceanography and ocean-color remote sensing.

Dr. Sathyendranath is a merit scientist in the Remote Sensing Group at Plymouth Marine Laboratory, UK. Her research focuses on understanding the interaction of light with the ocean biota and the consequences for marine ecology, biogeochemistry, and climate. She applies marine optics and ocean color remote sensing to topics such as the development of algorithms for interpretation of satellite data, light penetration underwater, phytoplankton functional types, ecological provinces in the ocean, marine primary production, biological-physical feedbacks in the ocean, phytoplankton phenology, carbon cycling, the use of ocean-color data in climate studies and the dynamics of waterborne diseases. Her work with the Partnership for Observation of the Global Ocean and other international initiatives, such as the International Ocean Colour Coordinating Group has advanced international collaborations in remote sensing.

The 2021 award ceremony and distinguished lecture will be a live stream webcast on November 26th. Details, including specific times and a link to the ceremony will be provided at a later date.

The A.G. Huntsman Award is presented annually by the Royal Society of Canada to recognize excellence of research and outstanding contributions to marine sciences.