CBIOMES Welcomes Diana Haring

by Helen Hill for CBIOMES

A warm welcome to incoming data engineer Diana Haring, a new member of the UW CBIOMES Group.
Diana joins Ginger and her team as the data engineer for Simons CMAP, the open-source data portal interconnecting data sets across oceanographic disciplines. In that role, her focus will be on streamlining the data ingestion pipeline, expanding database architecture, and maintaining database performance and integrity.

“My work has always centered around making data accessible and easy to understand, often through visualizing disparate data to convey the underlying story,” she says. “My background in working with environmental data started with studying diatoms at the University of Washington, and more recently, working with scientists at NOAA studying vital rates and population dynamics of endangered species in Alaska.”

Diana holds a BS in Biological Oceanography from the University of Washington

Story image: In her spare time, Diana says she enjoys taking her dog on hikes, getting through her long list of books to read, and working on a variety of art projects.

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