Using Metagenomics to Measure In-Situ Microbial Growth Rates

Growth rates are central to understanding microbial interactions and community dynamics. The Fuhrman Lab, which uses ‘omics data to seek a better understanding of microbial growth, interactions, and biogeographies has been evaluating a promising new approach to simultaneously determine the growth rates of many different kinds of microbes from the within-genome distributions of DNA extracted from in-situ (mixed) ocean populations. Continue reading “Using Metagenomics to Measure In-Situ Microbial Growth Rates”

Working in the Dark

Most of the viruses in the ocean are unknown, but scientists are working to fix this information gap. One of the ways to discover viruses is by sampling ocean water from different depths and then looking at those samples to find viral DNA and RNA. In this short video from The Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History’s Ocean Portal CBIOMES investigators, Jed Fuhrman and Julio Cesar Ignacio Espinoza talk about their work sampling for viruses in the waters off San Diego in Southern California.

Working in the Dark, directed by Brendan Byrne