CBIOMES Welcomes Olga Carnicer

A warm welcome to postdoc Olga Carnicer as she joins Zoe Finkel’s Dalhousie CBIOMES Group.

Olga’s past work has focused on harmful epibenthic dinoflagellates, especially Ostreopsis, studying them first in temperate areas (the Mediterranean Sea) during her PhD, and then in tropical regions (along the coasts of Ecuador and Galapagos) while a research lecturer in Environmental Management and then as Research Director the Pontificial Catholic University, in Esmeraldas, Equador. A particular focus of her research has been exploring species dynamics in relation to abiotic and biotic factors, and also characterization of different strains based on morphology, toxin profile, and growth rates.

She joins Zoe’s Group as part of that lab’s effort to collect new data on the growth rate and macromolecular and elemental composition of ecologically and biogeochemically important phytoplankton, with the long term goal of being able to integrate physiological and biochemical data with transcriptomic data.

Olga holds a PhD from Barcelona University, Spain.

Story image: In her spare time Olga, who also likes books, movies, and travel, enjoys running. “It is my time of “disconnection,” she says. “I put my music on and I forget everything.” Here Olga is pictured beside the famous “Los Luceros” fountain in her home city of Alicante, Spain.