CBIOMES Welcomes Mohammad Amirian Matlob

by Helen Hill for CBIOMES

A warm welcome to graduate student Mohammad Amirian Matlob who joins Andrew Irwin’s Dalhousie CBIOMES Group this month.

Mohammad’s research interests include biomathematics (in particular modeling and simulation), cells mechanics, ecology, fractional calculus, and nonlinear systems, and complex systems biology.

“Understanding and anticipating the effects of climate change on marine organisms, specifically phytoplankton, using a combination of theoretical and data-driven models, remote-sensed, field and laboratory data, and the fossil record is of great importance,” says Mohammad. “In my graduate research, we plan to take advantage of ordinary and functional differential equations, and statistical methods to explore some existing problems related to the field.”

Mohammad holds a master’s degree in Applied Mathematics (Bio-math) from Tarbiat Modares University, Iran and a bachelor’s in pure mathematics. As a master’s student, he worked with Dr. Yousef Jamali on modeling complex biological phenomena using fractional calculus. “The title of my thesis was Fractional Calculus Models of Complex Dynamics in Biological Elements’’, says Mohammad. “Fractional calculus is a powerful tool in modeling complex systems that have fractal property and memory.” Other work has included research into cell mechanics, neuroscience, ecology, and numerical analysis resulting in research journal papers and several international conference papers.

Forthcoming Publications

Mohammad Amirian Matlob, I.N.Towers, Z.Jovanoski, Memory and mutualism in species sustainability: a time-fractional Lotka-Volterra model with harvesting, arXiv: arXiv:1904.12340 [math.DS], (submitted to Heliyon
[now published with doi: 10.1016/j.heliyon.2020.e04816 – September 2020]

Moein Khalighi, Mohammad Amirian Matlob, Alaeddin Malek, A new approach to solving multi-order fractional equations using BEM and Chebyshev matrix, arXiv:1803.00269 [math.AP], (submitted to Mathematical Methods in the Applied Sciences)
[now published with doi: 10.1002/mma.6352 – September 2020]

Other Recent Publications

Mohammad Amirian Matlob, Yousef Jamali (2019), The concepts and applications of fractional order differential calculus in modeling of viscoelastic systems: A primer, arXiv: 1706.064462 [physics.bio-ph]

Story image: Mohammad says he has always been curious about how different things in nature work. “They seem so organized but no idea where and how should I start with digging into it,” he says. “That’s why in the first place I decided to improve my logical thinking by studying pure mathematics as a bachelor student. Four years later after graduation, still keeping my curiosity in my mind I changed my major to Bio-mathematics and started studying on non-local modeling approaches to understand complex biological systems further.” In his spare time. he enjoys working out and reading.


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