CBIOMES Welcomes Tim Coleman

A warm welcome to postdoc Tim Coleman who joins Jacob Bien’s USC CBIOMES Group this month.

by Helen Hill for CBIOMES

Broadly speaking, Coleman’s research interests lie in developing statistical tools for environmental science, with a focus on climate-related projects. During his PhD he says his focus was on developing computationally efficient and statistically valid tools for inference on random forest models, working with subject matter experts on projects in fields such as ornithology, hurricane impact forecasting, and space weather forecasting.

With Jacob, Coleman will be developing novel statistical tools that can help uncover new insights into ocean ecosystems and relationships and interactions between living organisms and geochemical properties as they vary across space and time. He says he is also very much looking forward to working collaboratively with other members of CBIOMES, bringing new statistical approaches to help make progress on the challenging problems research across the collaboration throws up.

Coleman received his Bachelor’s degree with majors in Applied Math and Geography from Colgate University in 2016. He comes to USC having recently completed a PhD in Statistics at the University of Pittsburgh, where he worked under Lucas Mentch.

Story image: Born in the UK, Coleman says he grew up in California. He says, “I love to run (when I’m not actually running, of course), hike, and generally explore wherever I happen to be!”


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