CBIOMES Welcomes CMAP Research Coordinator Tansy Burns

A warm welcome to Tansy Burns who joined the UW CBIOMES Group last month.

by Helen Hill for CBIOMES

Tansy Burns joins CBIOMES as the new research coordinator for Simons-CMAP, the open-source data portal interconnecting data sets across oceanographic disciplines (developed as part of CBIOMES) to enable scientists and the public to dive into the vast and often under-utilized ocean datasets to retrieve custom subsets of data. In this role, she is both coordinating work and planning within the Simons-CMAP group and will serve as a new point of contact for communication and feedback from collaborators and users.

Tansy holds a PhD in (biological) oceanography from the University of Washington (2008) for research exploring biophysical interactions between the morphology of planktonic larvae and small scale flows such as turbulence, and how these interactions affect larval swimming performance and transport. Since earning her PhD she has focused her career on both education and management, most recently as an academic analyst for UW Oceanography.


Simons CMAP

Tansy’s UW webpage

Story Image: In her spare time, Tansy enjoys walks, hikes, games, and crafts with her family, and enjoys uninterrupted time with a good book.