Data and Tools to Define the Biogeography
of Marine Microbes

Investigator: Ginger Armbrust, UW

Trait-based theory models are used to simulate and interpret marine microbial communities and their role in biogeochemical cycles. However, it is difficult to quantitatively test these models, because of the limited and disparate observations available. Work in my group seeks to create a data repository — Ocean Atlas — to easily retrieve data relevant to the biogeography of phytoplankton in the North Pacific and North Atlantic Ocean and be readily usable with machine learning tools. This work builds on our ongoing efforts in my lab to integrate and interrogate datasets in near real-time while at sea. The Ocean Atlas and toolkits will be used to better understand how the biogeography of the structure of phytoplankton community varies in space and time and how realized niches relate to key traits such as growth rates and mortality rates.

CBIOMES Collaborators in the Armbrust Lab

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by Helen Hill for CBIOMES A warm welcome to incoming researcher Raphael Hagen, a consultant in the UW CBIOMES Group. (more…)